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Staurolite. 5. Not with water. Orthorhombic. H j\. affected by acids, and resists weathering. = In thin sections it is colourless to yellowish, reddish, or brownish. Forms short prisms (angle 130) bounded by a , prism (no) and basal plane (ooi). These are occasionally A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 52 by other faces, so that it shows rectangular, and hexagonal sections. It is often twinned parallel to (032) and (232) making curious X-shaped forms. Cleavages basal, prismatic, and parallel bevelled lozenge-shaped, sometimes scarcely noticeable.

Orthorhombic. H=7|. 2. not attacked by acids. Like all the members of this group, it gives a blue colouration with cobalt nitrate before the blow-pipe. SiO 2 Is . A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 49 Transparent and colourless in sections, unless decomposed, when it is cloudy and even opaque. Usually occurs in more or less well-defined columnar crystals, which are generally simple prisms (angle 90 50'), terminated by basal planes. Basal sections are nearly rectanto kaolin. gular longitudinal sections are rectangular, and show the cleavages parallel to the prism, though this is sometimes sometimes unrecognisable in slices.

Green when transparent. The chrome spinel, Picolite, is yellow to brown, sometimes almost opaque. The spinels crystallize in well-defined octahedra, giving often granular no square sections in many directions on faces of octahedron such cleavage traces. " Dark between crossed nicols. I. 71). Occur sparingly in granulites and gneisses, also in the basic igneous rocks, especially the variety picotite. ; ; ; = 5. Cr2 O 3 FeO. Regular. by acids. Before the blowpipe gives green beads with borax, and opaque yellow with carbonate of The last reaction is very delicate and highly charsoda.

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