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Medical sleuthing and slip-ups within the investigations of fifteen well-known casesRanging from the Turin Shroud and the suspicious loss of life of Napoleon Bonaparte to the homicide instances of Dr. Sam "The Fugitive" Sheppard and O. J. Simpson, a question of facts takes readers within one of the most vexing forensic controversies of all time. In each one case, Colin Evans lays out the conflicting scientific and medical facts and exhibits the way it was once used or mishandled in attaining a verdict. one of the different situations: the assassination of JFK, the unusual historical past of Alfred Packer (the simply convicted American cannibal), the loss of life of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi, and the pains of Lindy Chamberlain (the "dingo child" case) and Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (the case stated in deadly Vision). notwithstanding the technology of forensics has helped remedy an important variety of crimes, it really is transparent from a question of proof that many circumstances are extra open than shut.Colin Evans (Pembroke, united kingdom) is the writer of the preferred Casebook of Forensic Detection (Wiley: 0-471-28369-X) in addition to nice Feuds in heritage (Wiley: 0-471-38038-5).

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In this instance the five mutilated bodies were exactly where Starrs thought they would be. After exhumation, the corpses were taken to the Arizona State Museum at Tucson for detailed analysis. Examination of the bones revealed clear signs of foul play. At least four of the victims had been bludgeoned to death, three by a hatchetlike instrument, the fourth by a rifle butt or something similar. ) Marks on the arm bones had the look of defensive wounds, caused in all probability when the victims had attempted to fend off blows.

Uneasy lie the bones of the famous or notorious who die in anything other than the most mundane circumstances; chances are, it won’t be long until the forensic resurrectionists congregate at graveside, with their shovels, pickaxes, arc lights, video cameras, and all the other paraphernalia of the well-funded exhumation. The often lucrative world of vanity forensics can take many forms; always, though, the declared intent is the same—to finally uncover the absolute truth. If only it were that simple.

42 A Question of Evidence Chapter 4 Donald Merrett (1926) Freed by Forsenics to Kill Again A t the dawn of the twentieth century, forensic science finally came of age. No longer was it the preserve of academics, to be detailed in dusty medical journals; it entered the mainstream. There were many reasons for this. Science was new, science was exciting, and as an increasingly educated public devoured what would nowadays seem staggeringly exhaustive newspaper accounts of criminal trials, the advances in laboratory techniques that were featured in so many of these trials must have seemed well-nigh miraculous.

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