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By J. Richard Christman

This 5th version in short covers vital principles from the most textual content and provides a few base equations. There are 3 reasons of this pocket consultant: to take type instead of the bigger textual content; to take advantage of as a convenient reference for equations whereas operating challenge assignments; to study textual content fabric sooner than an examination or whilst to fast remember an idea. there's a broad left margin for brief notes and a be aware part on the finish of every bankruptcy.

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SI unit of kinetic energy is the joule (abbreviated J). A In terms of SI base units, 1 J = 1kg m^/s^. unit of energy called an electron volt is often used when dealing with atomic phenomena. 60 X 10-1^ J. • Chapter 7: Kinetic Energy and Work 43 . 7-2 Work n Work is energy that is being transferred to or from an object by a force acting on the object. If the object has no other form of energy, the work done on it changes its kinetic energy. 7-3 Work and Kinetic Energy The work-kinetic energy theorem is: during any interval the particle equals the change in the particle*s kinetic energy.

When two objects are connected by a string, for example, the magnitudes of their accelerations are the same. Be aware of these situations as you study the sample problems of the text. 6. If more than one jects are Identify which quantities are known and which are unknown; solve for the unknowns. 7. n As an example, a free-body diagram for a block of mass m shown below. The plane makes an angle 9 with the horizontal. TVvo forces act on the block: the force of gravity (with magnitude mg) and the normal force of the plane (with magnitude N).

Assume the spring is along the x axis with one end fixed and the other attached to the object, as shown below. When the object is at x = 0, the is neither extended or compressed. This is the equilibrium configuration. When the object is at any coordinate X, the force exerted by the spring is given by F = -kx. Here k is the spring constant, a property of the spring: the stiffer the spring, the greater the spring constant. spring 46 Chapter 7: Kinetic Energy and Work OMM ] 1 ^ n When extended, the force it exerts is negais compressed the force is positive.

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