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174"Those who have believed (amanll) and have not confused their belief (iman) with wrong-doing-theirs is the securIty (amn) ... "183And 'Umar b. "1850 Here is to be mentioned the verse of Qais b. 186 173. 45. Both passages are quoted by Badi', p. 25, m the same connectIOn. 174. 84. 175. 82. 176. 26. 177. A group of the Banu SulaIm b. ,lUr that took part in the murder of Muhammad's envoys at BI'r Ma'una, 4 A. ; cf. , I, 1443. 178. Badi,', p. 25 (mcomplete quotatIOn, but full references); 'Umda, I,290.

192. For al·bura see, e. 7. The phrase also remmds one closely of 'Abid, ed. C. J. 47. 193. Diwtin, ed. J. 50; Badi', p. 26. 194. ThIS deflmtIOn IS mcomplete and does not cover the examples quoted below. 195. I, 236 23 ; Stn, p. 261; Qtinun, p. 438; l;Jafadi, p. 29. ljaf£j. 196. Sm, p. 260; 'Umda, II, 254, Qanun, p. 438; Nuwaui, II, 107. Basit. 197. 25, $m, p. 260. BasU. 198. 7; $tn, p. 261; Asrar, p. 12; Qanun, p. 430; Razi, p. 28; Fawa'td, p. 122 (as mstance of tariyil); Safadl, p. 28; Qazwini, Taftazani, IV, 423 (as example of tain'is naqtlj [mutarraf) - defectIve [partial, lit.

Qais al-A's8. dIed m 629. 14 A TENTH-CENTURY DOCUMENT OF ARABIC LITERARY THEORY Nusalb (d. ca. 107 "So my (breast and back, i. " There are many examples of the metaphor (tstt (ara) in the Qur)an, such as His word. "For truly to thee and to thy people it IS a reminder "108 He really refers to somethmg WhICh it IS glOrIOUS to be remlllded of 109 Then HIS word: "The savor of Allah, and in savor who is better than Allah 1"110 It is said He means (by savor) the relIgIOn of Allah. , they have bartered the guidance for error; their trade has not turned out profItable, ...

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