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This can be an self sufficient basic study in physics introducing the reform of recent physics. In 1996-2005, it used to be released in components in clinical journals; in 2007 it used to be revealed privately in Britain and registered within the British Library; in 2008 it was once registered at the Copyright place of work of the Library of Congress. The ebook comprises 129 pages measurement A5. it's intendent for pro physicists and will be of curiosity to scientists and scholars ordinarily.

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14) and is supposed to be close to those of the consistent cloud. 31) determined by the consistency of the consistent cloud with vacuum. The vector function u(t) characterizes the structure of the organized cloud and may be called its structural function. 16) is a vector describing the oscillation with the complex frequency λk ; the vectors   U k1 U k = U k2 , ... U kn Uk1  U k = U k2 , ... 17) {U ki } and {Uki }, oscillate with the same complex frequency λk but have different amplitudes and initial phases.

In the latter, the reflection is determined only by the selfconjugateness and concentrated in the minimal sphere corresponding to the uncertainty sphere determined by the function φo . 22) where δ ( ◦ ) is the delta-function. 23) where H → Ho when g → go . As a bound state, the state of rest is a stable state; and as a free state, it is a single state isolated from other bound states, the most stable single state. 23), it is necessary to choose the value A in such a way that would ensure the existence of the most stable single 30 A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms bound solution.

B. The reflection of composiums is also the reflection of exchange interaction inside the balanced cloud – the formation of the pair of momenta of the self-conjugate composiums; it is a co-ordinate exchange interaction in two bound conjugate states of composiums – space reflection. 12) Spontaneous Generation of Neutrons 27 C. The pair interaction of virtual electrons and positrons results in their spontaneous annihilation and radiation of photons, thus contributing to the exchange interaction by means of photon exchange.

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