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By Francis Azzopardi

This quantity and its accompanying "Solutions Manual", may still permit scholars to be successful in a degree physics. It covers the obligatory cores of all of the significant syllabuses, together with the Northern Board's broad Nuclear unit. The textual content is supported by way of transparent line diagrams to give an explanation for advanced suggestions. cognizance is targeted on crucial rules, the authors aiming to supply scholars with a regular path significant other, but providing the appropriate heritage element and purposes. factors are complete, and the ebook may be appropriate for guided self-study. Guided examples lead steadily in the course of the significant syllabuses for 1996 and past. Self-assessments computer screen development, with a call of "qualitative" and "quantitative" questions and a collection of recommendations to be had to academics. additional assistance is supplied with mathematical options at any place essential to produce a e-book in an effort to gain scholars of all degrees of skill.

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1) x2tr w =w ( rev mm 60 =[ 35001 x [2:r] [rev min"1][rad rev- 1] [60] [s min- 1] (b) The linear velocity (v) of each planet is given by: . 8 [rad s" 1][m] where r = blade length [m] :. 03] [rad s" 1][m] .. Iv= 11 m s· 1 .. 048 X 10"7] [rad s" 1][m] .. 16 104) X vu =wuru [m] .. 37 X 10"9 ) [rad s" 1][m] .. 8 X 1010] .. 9 Rotational Motion of Rigid Bodies Uranus: :. 87 x 1012] [kg][rad s·1f[m] ,. I Fu =L4xl021 N .. L et () = angle at which the road must be banked [0 ] The component of the normal reaction (R) which acts towards the centre of the bend (R sin &) provides the necessary centripetal force.

8)] [kg][MJ kg" 1] . 1 = -GMm R- m The increase in gravitational potential energy ( L1E P ) is where G = universal gravitational constant given by: [N mz kg-z] Mm = Mercury mass [kg] Rm = Mercury radius [m] L1EP =mg&l where g =gravitational field stength [N kg- 1] Lfh =height above the Earth's surface [m] . V. 4x10 6 ] [m] h = 10km. L1E p = [2] X [10] X [104 ] .. 2 [kg][N kg" 1][m] .. 2 MJI X 10 6 J kg" 1 Gravitational potential ( V2 ) on Mercury's surface due to the Sun is given by: (b) h= 100km.

_. ····-- --·. ····--·-·. ·--~-- ---·-·-··· : . 2 m L. 0 l =~2E~(C) .. 't......... ---·.... ~........... _ (a) The car has maximum kinetic energy (Ek(max)) at point B. Ek(max) = gravitational potential energy lost by car in moving from A to B. (d) On reaching point D the car has lost all its kinetic energy. It is therefore momentarily stationary before rolling back towards A Since it is at the same vertical height above the ground as it was initially at A, the car will have the same gravitational potential energy as it had initially.

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