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By A. Treves, L. Maraschi, M. Abramowicz

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Roosevelt. Hungarian émigré physicist Leo Szilárd composed the draft of the letter and Dr. 9 Sachs’ first visit to Roosevelt was unsuccessful. However, Roosevelt proposed that Sachs join him for breakfast the following day. During this second meeting Roosevelt summoned his military aide, General Edwin “Pa” Watson. ”10 And as simply as that hand-off, on 12 October 1939, a decision of enormous historic magnitude was made. At first, progress was just fair-tomiddling. S. was in no big hurry to expend great resources on projects whose expediency even famous scientists doubted.

I, ed. Asif A. Siddiqi (Washington, DC: NASA SP-2005-4110, 2005). 9 Rockets and People: Hot Days of the Cold War this spoils system. Each party rushed to seize them first, literally snatching materials right out of the grasp of its anti-Nazi ally. And, having previously been our common enemy, the Germans soon became comrades-in-arms in the development of missiles for both superpowers drawn into the Cold War. Contemporary historians believe that Truman took the initiative in the Cold War. Stalin did not seek conciliation and compromise with Truman as he did in his relations with Roosevelt and Churchill during World War II.

For the first time the policy spelled out in the form of a directive the procedure for manufacturing and conducting factory tests for all the systems to be used in the piloted flights. The assemblies, instruments, and systems constituting the Vostok would have to be labeled and have a “Suitable for 3KA” entry in their logbooks. It was forbidden to deliver any articles that would be integrated into the 3KA unless they had undergone a complete cycle of factory tests. The military representatives were required to conduct the strictest quality and reliability control.

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