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By Kinya Ishikawa

Towards a whole figuring out of the surface adrexa and linked tumors, a correct and designated visible list of a few of the constructions en countered is key. this sort of accomplished survey has, in spite of the fact that, hith erto been missing in works on dermatology; this case i try to treatment within the current atlas by way of providing a suite of my very own circumstances through the years. I took just about all the photomicrographs myself utilizing a Nikon Biophot microscope. i need to specific my deep gratitude to Prof. Hitoshi Hatano, division of Dermatology, tuition of drugs, Keio collage, who reviewed this booklet and consented to its book. i'm specially thankful to Dr. Junya Fukuda, leader Pathologist, Kawasaki Municipal medical institution, who helped in diagnosing regimen histological sections of the surface and gave worthwhile recommendation with this ebook. i'm greatly in debted to Mr. Soichi Narutomi, leader Technician, component to Pathology, Kawasaki Municipal clinic, who produced top quality prints from 35-mm motion pictures. i have to exhibit my deep due to the past due Mr. Shin Takeichi, Head of images, division of Pathology, university of drugs, Keio college, who kindly took photomicrographs for me for a few years; a few of these are incorporated within the current quantity. lowe greatly to affiliate Prof. Kan Niizuma, division of Derma tology, college of drugs, Tokai college, who kindly prepared for this booklet to be released by way of Springer-Verlag. eventually, I should still wish to recognize the efforts and goodwill of Springer-Verlag Tokyo. KINY A ISHIKAWA Spring, 1987 Contents constitution of the Adnexa .

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Praeger, New York, pp 147- 154 6 Weedon D, Strutton G (1981) Apoptosis as the mechanism of the involution of hair follicles in catagen transformation. Acta Derm Venereol (Stock h) 61: 335- 339 7 Weedon D, Strutton G (1984) The recognition of early stages of catagen. Am J Dermatopathol 6: 553-555 27 Structure of the adnexa' Hair follicle' Hair cycle _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Trichilemmal sac (Pinkus), Haarbeet (Unna) , Kolbenlager (Auburtin) The catagen hair follicle is retracted to the base of the trichilemmal sac, which is the lower portion of the permanent hair follicle, and in which the club hair is anchored.

The hair-cycling por- tion of the follicle is being retracted. Marked thickenmg of the fibrous root sheath IS seen. Hand E, x 160 26 Fig. 25. Advanced catagen follicle. The fibrous root sheath is very thick and the glassy membrane is also thick and corrugated. Hand E, x 200 REFERENCES I Headington JT (1984) Transverse microscopic anatomy of the human scalp: A basis for a morphometric approach to disorders of the hair follicle. Arch Dermatol 120: 449-456 2 Kligman AM (1959) The human hair cycle.

The former are now generally termed dark cells, and the latter clear cells. The clear cells are larger and secrete aqueous material; the dark cells are smaller and secrete mucin. Between the clear cells, there are intercellular canaliculi, through which sweat from the clear cells empties into the lumina. In addition, myoepithelial cells, which are capable of contraction, are found at the base of the secretory portion. Acid-fast granules are found in the secretory cells [10]. REFERENCES Ellis RA (1968) Eccrine sweat glands: Electron microscopy, cytochemistry and anatomy.

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