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15b. The shuttle-like morphology was observed. 8 g L-1, the size and the morphology were not uniform (Fig. 17b). Therefore, the appropriate concentration of P123 is important for preparing uniform X-shaped morphology of BaCrO4. In the absence of P123, the butterfly-like morphology was obtained (Fig. 18a). In the absence of both P123 and NaOH, the cross-like branches were observed (Fig. 18b). The insets of (a) and (b) show the individual BaCrO4 structures. It is well known that CrO42- ions exist in a 34 Advances in Biomimetics basic solution, Cr2O72- ions exist in an acid solution, and CrO42- and Cr2O72- can transform to each other in the aqueous solution.

The precipitation reactions involve the nucleation, growth, ripening, or agglomeration processes. The separation of nucleation and growth is the key step for the preparation of high quality crystals. The growth mechanism, such as Ostwald ripening (Dadyburjor & Ruckenstein, 1977; Sugimoto, 1978; Marqusee & Ross, 1983) and aggregation especially oriented attachment (Penn & Banfield, 1999; Banfield, 2000), will dramatically affect the size, morphology, and properties of the products. In Ostwald ripening process, the larger particles will grow at the expense of the smaller ones.

Bioactive composites consisting of PEEK and calcium silicate powders. J. Biomater. Applications 24, 105-18. ; Martin, D. & Trau, M. (2010). Biomimetic synthesis and tensile properties of nanostructured high volume fraction hydroxyapatite and chitosan biocomposite films. J. Mater. Chem. 20, 381-9. ; Nakagoe, Y. Z. & Tanaka, H. (1998). Thermochimica Acta, 318, 239. ; Yasue, T. & Arai, Y. (1993). J. Ceram. Soc. Japan 101, 1145. ; Yamamoto, K. & Nakamura, T. (2005). Fabrics of polymer fibers modified with calcium silicate for bone substitute.

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