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By Dragica Potocnjak

This play offers symbolically with the perspective of the ecu Union in the direction of refugees. It explores problems with prejudice among small international locations with assorted religions, within the rapid context of an influence courting among a Slovenian and a Bosnian girl.

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ALISA But they will. MAGDA What? Do you have any idea what you’re drivelling on about? I’m here, here, look at me. How could I have anything to do with that damned shit of yours back there? Nobody’s died yet because of me, do you hear? Perhaps somebody has because of you, somebody on the other side. How can you know what’s happened on the other side? ALISA Only one side is right… MAGDA And you’re the one who’s going to decide which one it is??! Eat your own shit, darling, before you point at someone else’s!

You could sell tickets with a view like this. MAGDA No charge to friends. So what brings you two here? 24 Dragica Potočnjak IRENA Yes, what?! Well, Leo was tired and went to sleep this afternoon as usual… LEO And we ate some lunch, tell her. You could swop the recipe, too. IRENA I’m really glad you invited us…after such a long time. LEO Well, I believe you. What about you, Magda? ) And how are you otherwise? ) Fine thanks, what about you, Magda? K.! (LEO sits at the table. ) IRENA You still like roses then?

ALISA What? I cannot believe it… MAGDA No! Alisa! Leave my wedding bouquet, please, leave it. Put it back…Alisa! It was so full my fingers hurt when I held it in my hands…Please, be careful…look what’s left of it… ALISA And what do you call these flowers? MAGDA Lily of the valley, lilies and roses, little white roses, these are the only ones left… ALISA Grey, brown, all full of cobwebs! Lily of the valley…? MAGDA They’ve disintegrated into dust, they’ve gone, but they were…I had them in my hair, I pinned them to the wedding guests’ suits, their scent was everywhere, their fragrance wafted… ALISA Faded… MAGDA Put the bouquet back where it was…I won’t mention your family any more, I promise, I won’t ever again, but you’ve got to stop hurting me as well.

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