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Tit I Mi iJiii dwii of Akmaader MH t^irfm, fcrtk« Ike Arrkrf«, to tkt MHikar of l«o tkooMod; fon^ ko ovdetod to tkoottko I of tko liitnaniilM Hoopfc tlie villi II tko MM m fMfd, kept rap •ad, wii^ii^ wilii tiw onAry, —fy» ukjiMili^ cilWr of tlw iwwwtiim km ft, tiMir fitwnd, As Ikot tkopkolMH m cjo fton tko kiO 00 tko CMmj't aom tko ka vttk'tko Moo of oltaddBf AleiOBdar's kodygoani ot tkey wilh

4 Add. Kr«g«r. ANABASIS OF ALEXANDER. had tekeo feftage, I. and endeavoured to 3. 4. i fiifoe a land* ine tfibcnnent howevett kepi iwmplni^ down to the riTer«ide w hew i ei the thipa touched land; tbeae wete few in nomber, and earrjliig onlj * maO body of troops; the bland was for the noat part ttoep for kndlnf ; and the eunrent pant the iojl^* tslandt M vaa natural in the iiflicolt narrowm, was %\rifi And to contend with. Therettpon Alexander withdrew hia troops and decided to ciom the Uter to attadi the Getae who were settled 00 the farther tide, both beoanae he of then gathered 00 the bank, to the re were about four thimwnd nounted men, and more than ten thooaand 00 foot and abo becauie he had been seised with saw a large fiirae repel blm, thovld he eroat — a desire to land on the farther side.

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