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By S.K. Basu, Naveen Kumar

This e-book addresses the most important matters within the modeling and simulation of diffusive procedures from a large spectrum of alternative functions throughout a wide variety of disciplines. positive factors: discusses diffusion and molecular delivery in dwelling cells and suspended sediment in open channels; examines the modeling of peristaltic shipping of nanofluids, and isotachophoretic separation of ionic samples in microfluidics; stories thermal characterization of non-homogeneous media and scale-dependent porous dispersion caused by speed fluctuations; describes the modeling of nitrogen destiny and shipping on the sediment-water interface and groundwater stream in unconfined aquifers; investigates two-dimensional solute delivery from a various pulse variety aspect resource and futile cycles in metabolic flux modeling; stories contaminant focus prediction alongside unsteady groundwater movement and modeling synovial fluid circulation in human joints; explores the modeling of soil natural carbon and crop development simulation.

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