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By Joachim Dressel

Quantity three within the Luftwaffe Profile sequence describes the layout and use of the Heinkel He 219 UHU.

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Vo,lith remote designation it is possible to usc either rapid (closely spaced sequence) or ripple (simultaneous salvo) fire, of any number of Helilires up 10 the maximulIl of 16. It does, however, demand absolutely perfect teamwork. One can imagine how easy it would be to get the timing slightly wrong, or the laser coding between the designators and the missiles slightly wrong, so lhat (for example) each missile might home on its target until it was about 1,000lt (300m) away, at which point the laser would switch 10 the nexttargel.

Engineering, while William R. "Randy" McDonnell, son of the p"lrclII company's Board Chairman "Sandy" l\lcDonnell. IIX probJ"]';ullme, IJIX, the next-gcnenlti()Il Aml}' helicoptcr, includes an armed scout vcrsion hili is in no sense a replacement lor the Apadlc. The higger helicopter is expected to continue f(w llIany yeaN, ami lIIay \Veil he the sul~ject of further orders. In additioll. T Compau)" hope-with a great deal of confidem:e-lo will export orders. ssibility for scvcral years. "lchc production programme.

I 8 Itdlflrcs 8 Ildllircs .. HeUlires .. 200 rounds 38 rod:cu Ven roue ~bx le~1 of climb speed (V II) (IRP) fpm k" Mi....... 83 2-5 I ! I result could hardl}' have been lllore successful. The Ilughes (now ~IcDonneli Douglas) Ordnance Division al Culver Cit)". Los Angeles, designed and now produces the ~m, \\'hile Ilone)'\\'el1 Defense Sysrems supplies the ahllllunition. CQll1rolkd in magnilude and ill timing. Equally important is the faci lhal. lIl. l problems. Chain Gun details New ammunition The gUll is oflicially 1he M230, hut i1 is cOllllIlonly called the Chain Gun because of lhe way it works (t

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