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By Robert Gilmore

Get able to take one other fabulous trip with physicist and writer Robert Gilmore, this time with Dorothy, following the yellow construction block highway in the course of the land of the Wizard of Quarks. utilizing characters and events in response to the universally identified tale, The Wizard of oz., we research alongside the best way concerning the interesting global of particle physics. periods of debris, from quarks to leptons are proven in ab atomic backyard, the place atoms and molecules are produced; see how Dorothy, The Tin Geek, and the Cowardly Lion adventure the weird international of subatomic debris. hundreds of thousands of readers who have been overjoyed via the adventures and technology content material of "Alice in Quantumland" are in for an additional deal with, with the prose and illustrations of Robert Gilmore.

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22 CHAPTER 2 "If you extend so far out, surely you must collide with one another. " asked Dorothy, this being for some reason the first consideration that came to mind. "O f course it does! That is the whole point of interference dancing. It is the interference patterns that make it so spectacular. " "T hat was what I was supposed to ask about! " remembered Dorothy. "What do you mean by your phases? " "Well, that is a little difficult to explain. " So saying, she reached within the voluminous folds and layers of her outfit and produced what at first sight Dorothy took to be a tambourine.

At such times, it became much longer and fuzzier on the other side, in compensation. This individual reached the point at which his tightrope crossed the Building Block Road and stepped onto the path in front of Dorothy and her companions. "Good morning, afternoon, or evening, as the case may be" he said, with a deep bow that twisted his body into an implausible angle. His voice was an amazing mixture of deep bass and high tenor, and the relative strengths of the two components changed from time to time.

If! " "Oh yes," replied the Scarecrow agreeably. "That is perfectly true. But what I said is the case for a particle of a single, unique momentum. You could say nothing about the position of such a particle, but the atoms in your lunch-and indeed other particles in general-do not have a single, unique momentum. They have a mix of momenta, just like the dancers in the Interference Dance that you watched. " "That is what I am saying," the Tin Geek's monotone resumed. "The amplitude is not a single momentum wave.

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